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Pie of the Month

You heard us right.
Introducing our super-special-super-elite Pie of the Month Club.


What we do: We take the best ingredients - seasonal, local, sweet and savory, awesome. We make them into pies. But not your typical pies - special pies, off-menu pies, ones you can't get by coming into the shop.


What you do: Be yourself. You are super-elite, super-special, super-awesome, right? Pick up, every month, for 3, 6, or 12 months.


How it works: Sign up online, by calling us, or visiting our shop. If you have dietary restrictions, or you just really hate something, let us know - we will make sure your pies don't contain it. Then at the beginning of each month call or email us and tell us what and when you'd like your pie to be ready - and we'll take care of the rest.


We also like to throw in freebies or delicious experiments, just to surprise you.  You like to be surprised, right? RIGHT??!!


There are a limited number of pie subscriptions available in our Pie of the Month Club, so sign up quickly for yourself or to give as a gift!


What it costs:

3 months Pie of the Month Club subscription: $89

6 months Pie of the Month Club subscription: $169

12 months Pie of the Month Club subscription: $249


You can also add hand-crafted, perfectly paired ice cream to your Pie of the Month subscription - just ask us!

Frequent Pie-er Card

Do you like free stuff?

How about the feeling of accomplishing something?

Or maybe you just really like pie and we see you every day anyway?

Ask about our Frequent Pie-er card! Buy 9 full priced 5" or hand pies and you get a free hand pie!

Frequent Pie-er Card

Gift Cards

The perfect gift for the pie lover in your family! Come down and chat with us about purchasing a gift card today, or get one from our Online Store!

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