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Pie of the Month Club

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You heard us right. You (or a friend or family member) could become one of our SUPER-SPECIAL-SUPER-ELITE Pie of the Month Club members.

It's the PERFECT gift for the pie-lover in your life!

How it works: Pie of the Month Club memberships will be delivered via email to you or whomever you gift it to. Just specify the email address of the person you are gifting it to, and we will send the details. Each month, that person can contact us whenever they'd like their family-sized pie, to tell us what they want, or we can surprise them.

Pie of the Month Club members get exclusive access to off-the-menu pies, special creations, freebies and special treats. We keep track of how many months have been used up, so it's okay if they miss a month, they can just choose to receive their pie next month, or whenever suits them. There is no expiry date.

We ask for your info because we send an email to the recipient telling them who bought them a wonderful gift! If you can include your name and relation to the recipient we can customise the email even more so! If you'd like it to remain a secret just put "Anonymous" and we'll keep your name to ourselves!

Note: This is a pick-up only item at this time, so please ensure the recipient, or someone on their behalf, will be able to collect the pies.

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