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Pickled Jalapeño Mustard

Pickled Jalapeño Mustard


Lucia’s 91-year-old Portuguese mom makes an Azorean bean dish with her own, secret ingredient: hot pickled pepper juice. Inspired, I started adding the juice from my home-pickled jalapeños to beans, pulled meats for enchiladas, and Caesars. Then I made the mustard. Lucia’s mom deserves a lot of the credit but hot damn, this stuff is good. With just a touch of heat, this blend has hints of warm spice from the pickling brine and a slightly more acidic taste.

  • Ingredients:

    Mustard, distilled vinegar. water. jalapenos, pickling spices, salt, sugar.

    Moutarde, vinaigre distillé. l'eau. jalapenos, épices à marinade, sel, sucre.

    Refrigerate after opening.

    Contains mustard.

    Crafted in a kitchen that has nuts, wheat, and dairy.

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